Google Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns

Proven Google Ads campaigns with lead capture landing page design, hosting and management starting at $2500 setup/$750 mo.

Includes a landing page designed to convert to sales with integrated google tracking and conversion coding

  • Positive keywords definitions and negative keywords
  • Creating targeted ads
  • Defining and targeting specific display network locations
  • Setting budgets
  • Location targeting - States, Countries etc
  • Setting hours it runs
  • Setting audience age
  • Setting up ad extensions

Management includes:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Adjustments made based on performance metrics
  • Adjustments can apply to anything listed in the set up (IE changes to landing page if conversions are lower than expected, altering hours to those that perform best over time, adjust bid rates for competitiveness, etc.)
  • Performance reports (upon request)
  • Billing reports