Engineering Analyst

1997 - 1998

Sun Microsystems - Menlo Park, CA.


I joined the analysts group responsible for implementing and coordinating global manufacturing centers production. We ensured all of the BOMs (Bills of materials) were updated correctly and consistently accross all plants.

When I arrived they were doing their updates by hand. Printing out sizable BOMS and comparing side by side with highlighters and rulers which as I learned was prone to error and very time consuming.

I was well trained on the Microsoft Office Suite and Excel, however, Sun had their own proprietary spreadsheet application. I learned how to use it and by using it to do the BOM comparisons and update process I was able to eliminated all errors, oversights and reduce the cycletime from hours to mere minutes. 

It was during my employment with Sun that I bought a home in Roseville. I commuted for about 6 months, but it took it's toll on my family's well being. So I looked for work locally and found Tasq Technology.