The Power of Marketing Flyers…

How important are flyers for your marketing mix? When I think about that question, I am reminded of my daughter’s first venture into earning her own money. She was 10 years old with a love of animals and a special fondness for dogs.

While discussing ideas for summer activities, between 5th and 6th grade, I made the suggestion of walking dogs and her eyes lit up with glee. It was a golden opportunity to teach her about how marketing works.

Living in a pet friendly apartment complex all we had to do was get the word out. The first order of business was to develop flyers that we could place strategically around the complex. My daughter also happens to be a naturally talented artist, so I just gave her a list of things it should have on it and without hesitation she went to work. Drew her pictures of dogs, headline, pricing and of course “Dad’s” contact info.

As a result, we got calls and she got business. I went with her to each new client and made sure she was safe. We fell in love with some of our clients and their dogs. She took on the responsibility and made her own money. And it all started with a sign…so never under estimate FLYER POWER!

If you need help with a flyer, brochure or other marketing, I can help with that.